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JustStart is an online, company incorporation and compliance management platform created with the aim to help entrepreneurs start their business/startups and legally incorporate it for them. 


Starting your own business can be daunting especially when there is lack of information and any credible sources to rely upon. Compelled by the idea to minimise the gap between entrepreneurs and success, Ayush Gupta created a platform that could serve as a go-to advisor-cum-friend for startup dreamers. And thus the idea to create JustStart-germinated. 

As the years progressed, the platform grew to become more than a company to eliminate doubts about how to start a company. A team of corporate legal consultants helping entrepreneurs to start their companies since 2016 found out other areas of issues in the startup journey such as the painstaking process of completing paperwork that is utterly boring and energy draining. 

We discovered that those who want to start their businesses often end up spending 90% of their time on paperwork and official formalities such as  company formation, bookkeeping, tax filing, bank account opening etc. 

As a solution to above we work on to bring a tech-driven and AI enabled end-to-end operating system backed company-incorporation and compliance management platform that manages everything from Co incorporation, bookkeeping, taxation, trademark filings, bank account opening to regulatory compliances at entrepreneur’s fingertips.

Leaving our Footprints for Better Brands?

Saving the valuable time of an entrepreneur so that they can focus on their business, their craft and growing it further.

Unlocking the unlimited human potential that entrepreneurship has to offer and wealth creation by empowering the people to start their dream businesses/startups.


To ignite and cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship among the masses especially in younger generation by making the initial information, support and guidance required for launching start-ups easily available to the budding entrepreneurs in a very cost effective, easy and hassle free manner through leverage of technology, thereby doing our bit in converting the job seekers into job givers and improving the overall economy of the country

Ayush Gupta, CEO


Made up of a passionate team of marketers from diverse backgrounds, such as lawyers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, MBAs, and young but passionate visionaries, JustStart is a powerpack solution for all your startup consultancy needs. We believe bridging the gap between information and business opportunities is the need of the hour. 

We are a progressive, forward-thinking Indian startup consultancy with extensive experience in our field. JustStart offers each of our clients tailor-made startup consultancy solutions that fit the requirements of 21st century’s entrepreneurs. 

If you have the perspective, we will show you how to solve problems in your startup journey. 

We use the market’s best practices and pay attention to every detail that can make or break your startup idea.

We look beyond your business idea and your capital. We focus on the real goal—your business longevity. From trademark registration, GST registration, startup india registration to managing your startup, and much more, we deliver success on every front. 

 By the way, if you’re a startup in search of an agency where you can work with some of India’s most knowledgeable experts, you’re in luck. Join our team – get in touch today and let’s have a chat.

How Do We Work?

Form a Sales Team

Our sales team establishes the first line of communication with our clients using any of their preferred channels, such as email, calls, WhatsApp, etc.

Step 1
Appointment of Business Representatives

We follow a one-on-one client-expert strategy to ensure all our clients’ concerns are heard.

Step 2

At this stage, our operations team plans the entire route for startup development. From suggesting what category a business falls into to preparing documents for its registration, from understanding the capital availability to suggesting how to increase the longevity of the business, we take care of everything in between.

Step 3

We carry out the plan as designed and deliver the projects on time

Step 4
Maintaining Customer Relationships

This is the most important stage, where we collect feedback from our clients and analyse areas of improvement.  

Step 5

Indian Startup Ecosystem is expanding. Are you?

The 21st century is one of the most useful times to advance in a self-owned business. Our agency manages a vast number of business startup support services. From timely consultation to planning assistance, as well as legally incorporating the business for our clients, we assist entrepreneurs and startup companies with services to start, excel, and grow. As a full-service firm, our agency provides a comprehensive set of services for startup companies in India.