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    One of the first steps in the trademark registration process is the trademark objection stage, during which the trademark examiner objects to your application for a variety of reasons. The registrar does not just reject your claim; instead, they look for good arguments or justifications about the mark and its registerability. He offers the applicant the chance to discuss how the relevant trademark satisfies the requirements for obtaining a legitimate registration.

    Features of a Trademark Objection Reply

    • Error in Filing TM-48
    • Affidavit not attached
    • Proposed trademark already exists
    • Application filling under wrong Trademark class
    • Incorrect Address in trademark Application
    • Incorrect name of Trademark Applicant
    • Any other error

    How To Register a Trademark Objection Reply

    Step 1: Fill query sheet available on our website

    Step 2: Get call From our Trademark Expert

    Step 3: Expert will Discuss about related objection

    Step 4: Our team Will Draft Objection Reply

    Step 5: Team will send you Draft Reply for your review and approval

    Step 6: Reply Submitted online

    Minimum Documents Required

    Brand Logo


    Logo Ownership Proof

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    Trademark Objection means, the trademark registry has examined or checked your trademark application and while checking,

    They have reasons to object the application and ask for clarification on certain points.

    The registry uploads a copy of Examination Report on their official website (trademark application status) and sends a letter to the applicant asking for reply.

    Reason for the objection can be many either regarding the documents filed

    Regarding the fulfillment of criteria mandated by the statue and rules

    Yes It is necessary to file a proper reply to trademark objection report within 30 days of Objection

    If a legal reply is not submitted, the trademark registry may cancel the trademark application and update the status of the application as Abandoned.

    No there is no need for Physical presence.

    We provide complete online process for Trademark objection reply.

    Our Trademark expert draft and file reply within 2-4 working days of objection received

    Register Your Trademark Objection Reply

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