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    Your Online Trademark Registration with Four Easy Steps

    With JustStart, you can get your startup’s trademark registered instantly and protect your brand identity in four easy steps.

    STEP 1

    Conduct a trademark search

    STEP 2

    Prepare Your Application

    STEP 3

    Submit Your Application

    STEP 4

    Government Processing

    What Is Trademark Registration?

    A trademark registration is a way for businesses to protect their brand, product, and name identity from clashing with other brands entering the market and competing for the same audience as you are. 

    Building trust and goodwill, helping distinguish products, protecting against infringement, attracting large audiences, and giving companies exclusive rights are a few of the several benefits that trademark registration helps brands acquire. 

    What Can You Register as a Trademark?

    A trademark can be used to protect several parts of your business image, such as name, logo/symbol, tagline (for example, McDonald’s’ tagline “I’m lovin’ it”), brand logo colours, sound, product name, business name, abbreviations, etc. 

    Trademark Registration Categories

    There are 45 trademark classes, and each class categorises all of the goods and services. You must choose the classes with care since they will affect the validity of your trademark for your company’s products and services. If your company sells a variety of items and services that fit into multiple classifications, you must file for a trademark in each of the eligible classes.

    Why is obtaining Trademark registration in India Important for Brands?

    Fibreglass, Google, Hula-hoop, and Jeep are a few of the trademarks that have become trademarks in the modern commercial world. As consumers are exposed to more and more trademarks in everyday life, it becomes extremely important to establish your own trademark. A few essential factors that contribute to making trademark registration extremely important are:

    1. Brand recognition: Trademarks grant businesses and startups security by becoming their intellectual property. It also provides protection from competitors trying to steal or copy your startup’s name. So, when your brand name is unique, it easily catches the attention of the audience. 
    2. Employee Incentives: Having a unique trademark helps startups maintain a positive reputation in the market, which ultimately helps draw in skilled human resources into the company.
    3. Averts Legal Issues: By registering your startup’s trademark, companies can avoid letting themselves be confronted by various lawsuits arising out of other brands operating under the same name, slogan, sign, or design.
    4. Trademark is a permanent asset: Among the behemoths of benefits, permanency is one of the many traits of getting a trademark registered—with only a periodic need for Trademark Renewal Service.
    5. Establishes autonomy: A trademark acts as a catalyst in establishing great value for a startup in the market. And as a business matures, this autonomy keeps piling up, helping businesses to diversify products in the future and expand their corporate size. 
    6. Credibility: Trademark registration lends credibility to startups. It ensures that brands reap profits from their success even amidst a hugely saturated market.

    How To Apply For Trademark Registration Online?

    The process of online trademark registration is a much more difficult process than it seems. A typical registration process takes about a year, entailing a long and exhaustive procedure to complete as well as legal governance. JustStart simplifies things for you by breaking the process into four easy steps. 

    Step 1: Trademark Search: Once you provide us with all the details required for your startup’s trademark registration, our representatives will conduct a thorough search across our database to determine whether the trademark you are looking to get registered is available for use or not, and let you know the probability of its availability. This is done to see if the trademark you want to register can be operated freely. 


    Step 2: Application Preparation: The next step in the trademark registration online process is to prepare the application as per the selected trademark. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, covering all aspects of your business. Simultaneously, you can begin uploading all of the essential paperwork for trademark registration on our dashboard. 


    Step 3: Application Filing: Our team representatives will go over all the documents after uploading them. They will submit the trademark registration application form on your behalf along with necessary documents required by the Registrar of trademarks. ( Please check below the complete list of documents required). We will ensure that your application is error-free and accurate.

    You can also sign up to get our Trademark Registry alerts until the registration is complete. Just provide the details in the contact us form and we will catch up with you.

    Step 4: Government Processing: At this stage, the trademark registration undergoes crucial scrutiny by the government of India—the success of which mostly depends upon the accuracy in document submission and completion. The examiner may even have questions about the submissions and send objection notices to the applicants. The trademark obtainer must respond to these within a certain period.

    Documents Required For Trademark Registration Online

    Your Ultimate Checklist

    Applicant Name

    (Identity Proof)

    Business Type

    Business Objective

    Brand/ Logo/Slogan Name

    Authorisation Letter

    Registration Address

    Trademark Registration Services In India

    Professional assistance and guidance in trademark registration is a must for a variety of reasons. It saves the applicants’ time and energy, as well as assuages their fears about the online trademark registration process. In most cases, using trademark registration consulting services ensures that the registration is completed on time without any delay. 

    Why Hire Juststart As Trademark Registration Consultant Services?

    • JustStart consists of qualified CS, CA, lawyers, and business administrators.
    • 360° Corporate Legal Support
    • JustStart would be a one-stop-place for incorporation, annual filings, and other professional services.
    • On-Time Service
    • Super Support and Fast Service (Call, Email, Chat Support)
    • less expensive than other professionals and service providers
    • Point-to-Point update and dedicated relationship manager for guidance on upcoming compliance and further Requirements


    In layman’s terms, a trademark is a visual representation of a brand/company/organisation that can be a word signature, name, device, label, numerals, or a combination of colours that is used by one company on goods, services, or other articles of commerce to distinguish them from similar goods or services from another company. 

    In business conditions, a trademark helps in: 

    • identification of goods and services of one company by another. 
    • guarantees the quality of a product.
    • acts as a silent ambassador for a brand.

    helps organisations create a respectable image in the market.

    To apply for trademark registration online, the applicants need to visit the official website of the trademark registrar and submit the application.

    Trademark registration is a four-step process that includes: 1) conducting a trademark search, 2) preparing the application 3) Application submission and 4) Government fee processing

    Applicants are also required to fulfil other formalities based on the nature of their application like furnishing form numbers TM-1, 2,3, 8,51, etc. 

    Trademark Registration Service providers are highly competent experts with years of experience in providing legal help to applicants. 

    There are no restrictions as to who can or can not apply for a trademark registration in India. In fact, any individual not doing business is also eligible to obtain a trademark registration certificate for future purposes. Generally, the following are eligible to apply for trademark registration: 

    • Proprietorship firms 
    • Partnership firms
    • Limited-liability partnership firms
    • NGOs
    • Joint owners 
    • Any Indian citizen who is a permanent resident of India.

    There are a few aspects to consider when selecting a good trademark to register: 

    • If your trademark is a word or a symbol, make sure it is easy to pronounce. Make your trademark unique by using geometrical designs or coining new words. 
    • Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Ensure your trademark can be easily spelled. 
    • Research: Conduct market research or hire agents to do it for you to ensure the trademark you desire to register doesn’t already exist. 


    Avoid using geographical names, personal names, or using surnames in a logo.

    Include acceptable words to describe the quality of your services.

    Not mandatory. But it is always recommended to take help from experts in their field as they will walk you through all the ins and outs of trademark registration in India. And you will ultimately save time and money, allowing you to focus on preparing other formalities to start your business. 

    The fee for trademark registration for a new business can be anywhere between Rs. 6500 and Rs. 7000 plus government taxes.

    A registered trademark maintained in the electronic form represents the trademark class/goods and services catered to, and other scopes of a business. 

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