ROC Annual Filing for One Person Company

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Filing your One Person Company’s annual returns with ROC every year before the due date, can get quite hectic. This is why JustStart is a one-stop solution for your OPC’s every legal affair. Our experienced legal consultants can file annual returns of OPC with ease through our hassle-free process. With our assistance by your side, your company will work smoothly as we file annual returns for OPC Company efficiently.

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ROC Compliance for OPC Company

In the last decade, entrepreneurs and startups have drastically transformed the business world. To empower entrepreneurs who are willing to start and handle a full-fledged business on their own, the concept of One Person Company (OPC) was introduced by the Companies Act, 2013. An OPC is also a separate legal entity as a company, and provides limited liability protection to its shareholders, and is easy to establish. Just as a normal company, a One Person Company (OPC) is also required to file the annual returns at the end of the financial year with the ROC. If your OPC is new, the annual return must be filed within 18 months from the date of incorporation to fulfill the ROC compliance for OPC Company in India.


Forms Required for OPC Annual Return Filing

To efficiently carry out OPC annual return filing, you are required to fill a few necessary forms. JustStart offers OPC annual filing service to help you tick all the right boxes and successfully file annual returns for OPC companies. Our expert legal consultants will assist you in filing all the required forms for OPC annual return filing:


ROC Form AOC 4

This is probably the most crucial form that you will be required to file for the annual filings for One Person Company. AOC 4 contains details and annexures related to the profit & loss account, balance sheet, compliance certificate, registered office address, debt details, share and debentures details, and management’s details.

ROC Form MGT 7

In Form MGT 7 you will be required to fill your One Person Company’s shareholding structure’s details, change in directorship, details of transfer of shares throughout the year.

ROC Form ADT 1

This form is filed for the appointment of an Auditor. The due date of filing this form would be 14th October.

Why JustStart for One Person Company’s Annual Returns Filing?

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JustStart is the most credible organization empowering startups and businesses to grow through effective legal solutions. JustStart’s expert legal consultants can assist you in ROC Compliance for your OPC Company in India. Our team is full of adept legal experts that can help your business thrive with valuable legal guidance.

Experienced Consultants

JustStart offers you a team full of refined legal experts with remarkable industry experience. Our experienced legal consultants consistently assist you with the utmost respect and ensure that your returns are filed on time.

Hassle-Free Return Filing

One of the many reasons why our client retention rates have gone through the roof, is our hassle-free return filing process. We value your time and try to get your OPC’s annual return filed as quickly as possible.



Yes, every One Person Company is required by the government to file the annual returns every year.

If you take the ROC compliance lightly and fail to file your OPC’s annual returns with ROC, you will be liable to pay heavy fines or may face other grave legal consequences .

As mentioned above, if you surpass the due date of the annual return filing, you’ll be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 100 each day past the due date.

Our team of OPC annual return filing experts will collect the crucial information and details about your company from you and will file the annual return in 2-3 days.

Yes, filing AOC 4 and MGT 7 is mandatory for completing the process of annual return filing for One Person Company.

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