Benefits of Trademark Registration

Benefits of Trademark Registration

If you have your own brand, it is very important to get a Trademark for saving the identity of your business and getting the benefits of trademark registration for your business. 

Have you ever thought of the similar traits that the companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and HP have? In this society, they have left their imprint. Even though they had worked hard for years to make it happen, it would not have been possible, if they had not taken precautions to safeguard their brand. Therefore, to make your presence, get a trademark registration for your company. 

Your goal when starting a company is to make it profitable. It is the goal of every company either big or small, but one that could backfire if you don’t protect the brand. Your company name serves as your asset. 

So the saying “It’s all in the name” genuinely applies in this case. A thriving company can achieve even greater success worldwide if its identity is protected. By getting a trademark, you create a barrier of protection for your company’s identity. 

What are the Benefits of Online Trademark Registration in India?


  •  Trademark registration helps people recognize your brand

The crowded market makes it challenging to set your company apart from the competition. Names and logos are effective commercial communication tools that can draw customers’ attention and distinguish your company from competitors.

Customers viewing a Registered Trademark are more likely to stick with you and your company because they know whom they are working with and what kind of image you have. Your name may play a key role in influencing a customer’s choice to buy your goods or services. But your name will only be identified if it stays unique in the long term. If you do not take a trademark registration your brand name while starting a company and someone else trademarks the same name before you, then all your goodwill will go in vain, and you won’t be able to use the same brand name further. Therefore, while setting up a company, you must first take a trademark of your brand identity so that it always stays yours and helps your customers retain the name of your brand even in the long run.

  •  Protects the company from any upcoming risks

There is fierce rivalry in the market today, and company owners use every strategy to beat their competitors. In this situation, the business’ security against any unlawful activities that could pose a danger to its future viability is crucial. The protection of the company is ensured by trademark registration. By filing a trademark registration application, startups can safeguard themselves from other businesses using their name, sign, logo, or design. If a trademark is being used unlawfully, you can file a lawsuit for infringement. Big players try to eliminate competitors from the market, especially startup companies that are trying to build their image in the market. Therefore, it is advised that startup companies must take the trademark for their identity so that no other competition, either big or small, can harm the company’s reputation.

  • A trademark is a long-term Asset

Brands are examples of intellectual property for companies whose goods or services have a market value. A trademark acts as a development driver for new businesses. With time as a startup company grows and finds success, the trademark becomes its central character. Registered Trademarks are the only ways through which a customer can identify the brand. It is simpler for startups to use trademarks for marketing strategies, expand their offerings, and acquire capital once they have established a solid reputation for their goods or services. One such benefit of trademark registration is that it is a long-term asset that will always stay with you once registered. Moreover, as the company grows, the trademark will also grow, adding more value to your brand. As the trademark grows, the worth of your company also grows, and people start having more faith in your brand.

  • Value of a business and goodwill

An online trademark registration successfully conveys a product’s or service’s excellence, as well as its distinctive qualities and the company’s goals. Trademarks are essential for business value and goodwill, including business growth, customer retention, and image protection. As a trademark registration India has many benefits, it also creates goodwill of a brand in front of the whole market. It is already understood that a company grows only when it has goodwill in the market, which eventually increases the business. Furthermore, creating goodwill is not an easy task in the crowded market, for having goodwill, you must focus on your differentiation and the quality of your offered goods and services. To retain goodwill in the market, a company needs to have its identity registered; otherwise, someone else might take your brand identity along with the goodwill.

  • A Registered Trademark Is for Life

A registered trademark is perpetual and requires easy registration. Think of the two colossal businesses, Pampers and Jacuzzi, that were stated earlier; they have long been industry leaders and will remain so for a very long time. This highlights the importance of performing in-depth trademark research to prevent the regulating body from rejecting a startup’s application.

Therefore, hiring a trademark attorney who can help you with a trademark registration is advisable, as this is a once-in-a-lifetime process that requires process filing. Therefore it is not a bad idea to take help from a trademark attorney to avoid any mistakes in filing applications.

The process of Trademark registration in India for business starts with a trademark search wherein you have to search on the official website of intellectual property rights and see if any identical mark as yours is already registered. If no such mark is already registered, you can move ahead and file the trademark registration application.

  • Trademark Registration in India gains more value in terms of money 

Over time, trademarks increase in worth financially because they become more well-known if a company has been around for a while. As a result, your image grows. It is also visible in your logo. However, having a better image gives your trademark more worth and gives you more customer confidence. Your brand thus becomes a valuable commodity. You can market or lease it if you want to earn more money. Leasing a trademark to someone else is known as trademark licensing.


India’s startup scene is flourishing today, and there is fierce rivalry in the market. In this case, trademark registration is essential to expand your company and succeed in the long term. It is simpler for you to run the Business efficiently and avoid future financial loss when registering your new company with a trademark.

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