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Company Registration Services in India

As per Section 2 (68) under the Companies Act 2013, a pvt ltd company registration is a small firm or corporation that is privately held by a limited number of investors, owners, or shareholders. These companies are easily identifiable as the firms are required to use.

A “Private Limited” as an affix after the corporation’s name & require a minimum of 2 Directors and 2 shareholders with one of the directors must be of an Indian resident and Indian citizen. The registered office must be in India. Directors can also be the shareholders.

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Features Of A Private Limited Company

Register pvt ltd company is the most basic and often used form of business entity. As of January 2022, there were over 1.43 million companies registered in India.

One of the reasons behind this boom is the ease of raising equity financing in online company registration in india. If you have an expansion plan & aim to have higher growth with high investment, then the Pvt Ltd company is the best option for you.


After getting Other features of private limited companies are as given below. So you need to check out to know how to register a company in India :


A private limited registration can be formed with as few as two shareholders or as many as 200.

Each shareholder has limited liabilities

It means if a corporation suffers any financial loss, the shareholders are required to pay back only the amount that they invested in the company.

Share transferability

Private limited companies allow easy and free transfer of shares between shareholders.

Business Continuity

In private limited companies, corporations continue to exist in the eyes of the law even if one of their members dies, becomes insolvent, or files for bankruptcy. As a result, the company will continue to exist in perpetuity.


Private Limited companies are allowed to raise foreign direct investment.


Checklist For Incorporation Of Private Limited Company Registration

As per the Companies Act, 2013, one who wants to register with a Private Limited Company must have the following checklist:

  • Two Directors: A pvt ltd Company must have two directors with a maximum of fifteen directors. One of the directors must be a resident of India.
  • Registered office address: The registered office address must be India’s address. It is not required r to have a commercial space for an office address. They can also operate with a home or any rented property. If rented property, NOC from the landlord will be required.
  • Capital Amount: There is no minimum capital amount fixed for a Private Limited Company. Any amount of capital can be contributed to the company. Many people don’t know the concept of Capital in the Company so below are the concepts to be kept in mind before incorporating a private limited Company.

There are some types of Capital in the Company:

Authorized Capital

It is the total value of shares and securitya company can issue to the shareholders. If higher is the authorized capital, then the MCA fees will be increased. You can also increase the authorized capital of the company if required.

Paid-up Capital

It is the amount of capital that is subscribed by the shareholders and which can be deposited in the current account of the company. Paid-up capital can not be more than the authorized capital of the company.


Documents Required for Private Limited Company Registration Online

For All Directors

  • PAN Card: A copy of the PAN Card is required.
  • Passport Size Photo: One passport-sized photograph is mandatory.
  • Identity Proof
    • Indian Promoters: Submit a copy of Driving License, Voter ID, or Passport.
    • Foreign Promoters: A copy of the Passport is required.
  • Residential Proof: Recent utility bill/ bank statement/ telephone bill needed.

For Company

  • Utility Bill: A recent utility bill ( within 2 months ) is required for the premises address proof.
  • Rent Agreement: A copy of the rent agreement is required if the company operates from a rented premises.
  • Owner's NOC: A No Objection Certificate from the owner is required if the company operates from a rented premises.

Procedure For Incorporation Of Company

The procedure of forming a private limited company consists of a few easy steps. It means which the applicant simply requires the most basic paperwork. The following are five simple steps to forming and then you can know how to register a company in india online


1. Apply in form Spice+ for the Name Application

Name approval through Spice+ form if name approval letter is desired. Otherwise, we can also go through the direct route by submitting all the required documents & details to the MCA by filling all the required forms.

2. Digital signatures of the directors

All the forms/applicationsin for the MCA will be incomplete without a digital signature. All the forms should be digitally signed. For a digital signature, the directors will have to submit a copy of their identity proof, photograph and contact details.

Digital signature can be obtained with the help of Authorised Certifying Authority by JustStart.

3. Submitting all the Necessary forms

Once obtained all the information, and documents then the next process is to submit all the necessary forms Spice+, Spice moa, Spice Aoa, Agile pro, and Inc-9 for the declaration. If the MCA finds all the information complete and legible, then they will issue a Certificate of Incorporation, PAN, TAN of the Company

All the process can be done tentatively within 7-10 working days, if all the required documents are provided on time.

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A private limited company is a business entity privately owned by shareholders and its shares cannot be traded on a stock exchange. But if you want to close pvt ltd company India, it is possibe with JustStart.

Under the Companies Act 2013, a few minimum requirements to establish a private limited company are as follows:

  • Shareholders can range from two to 200.
  • One of the director must be a citizen of India with permanent residency.
  • Address proof, identity proof, PAN card, DIN, DSC of all directors.
  • Company name: It is mandatory to have a company name that is unique, indicates the activity that will be carried out by the company, and mentions “private limited” at the end.

No. The process of obtaining company certificates and completing the registration application is completely online and does not require the applicants to be present. In most cases, individuals hire experienced Private Limited Company Registration Consultancy like Juststart in India to complete the documentation on their behalf to avoid any obstacles.

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