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Getting online trademark registration in India with JustStart’s team of legal experts will make the trademark registration process much easier.

Having a trademark is crucial for any business as it differentiates them from their competitors and facilitates easy identification by customers. Referred to as a “Logo,” a brand is a symbol that is mandatory for every business.

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What Is Trademark Registration Online?

Suppose you have created a product that greatly benefits people, and as a result, your business is thriving by selling it.

However, while you were focused on making profits, someone with ill intentions stole your product idea and began selling it under their own branding.

If you have a registered trademark for your product and company, you will be protected, and the imitator will be held responsible for their actions.

The process of online trademark registration India is very complicated, and this is where our expertise comes to play. JustStart’s team of trademark registration can help you Apply for Trademark easily and effectively.

Trademark Renewal Online Process

For the ease of businesses, the government has provided the facility to get trademark renewal online. This process can be completed within minutes. If you are a registered business as trademark renew online, you may be required to fill out the TM-R form. However, know how to apply for trademark registration online for renewal.

The applicants can complete the process by either hiring an online trademark renewal service or by filing the forms themselves.

Depending on the type of trademark and the class, official charges for a trademark renewal may differ.


Benefits Of Trademark Renewal


Trademark renewal

It is safeguards a company’s unique identity by preventing any duplication or repetition of its products and services.

Protects investments

Businesses invest a significant amount in ensuring their organisation’s goodwill, name, resources, ownership, economic value, etc. Trademark renewal allows protection from infringement or duplication of these assets by other companies.

Extend a company’s life

Trademark renewal allows an applicant to continue operating for the next 10 years with the same TM symbol. Also, know that about how you can you file a trademark as a sole proprietor for renwal.

What Are The Documents Requires For Trademark Renewal?

Application Preparation: Documents Required for Trademark Renewal

The applicants should prepare a set of copies of the following documents to be submitted along with the trademark renewal application:

  • A power of attorney for representation purpose
  • PAN card and proof of registered office address of the applicant
  • Copy of application (TM-A)
  • Trademark registration certificate (issued previously)

Trademark Renwal Filling in the forms:

The applicants must fill out the following list of forms for trademark renewal along with the prescribed fee:

  • TM-R: Filling the TM-R form is mandatory to fill under the Trade Marks Act, 1999 for the application for renewal/restoration of registration of a trademark.
  • TM-18: This form is filed for affidavit in support of the statement of the case.
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How We Help You With Trademark Renewal Service In India?

types of company registration


As soon as you submit your information, a representative will contact you to learn more about your needs and to explain the process and fees. The cost will vary depending on whether the trademark needs to be renewed or restored.

Application for Renewal

Our specialists will get to work on your Trademark Renewal application and gather the necessary documentation, including completing TM-R/TM-18 forms and filing the forms with the trademark registry offices closest to your designated office.


We will update you on the latest status of your trademark renewal application in progress. You may also contact us at frequent intervals to learn about the status of whether your trademark has been renewed for another ten years or not.

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Why Choose JustStart For Trademark Renewal

JustStart is a premium legal tech co that has been helping startups and established businesses maintain a smooth flow of operations.

Expert Consultation

We connect you with reputable professionals who will stay in constant touch with you to understand your business requirements and meet all of your legal obligations. You can also keep track of the progress at any moment using our online platform.

Set Reasonable Expectations

By managing all of the paperwork, we enable smooth interaction with the government. To create reasonable expectations, we provide clarity on the incorporation procedure.

360-Degree Assistance Team

You’re only a phone call away from the greatest legal services, thanks to a staff of experienced business consultants and legal professionals.



At JustStart, we ensure that your Trademark application is processed promptly without delay. However, the registration process timeline depends on various factors, including the accuracy of the application and government processing time.

Once we file the Trademark application for your company, you will receive an acknowledgment that grants you the right to use the ™ symbol. This symbol indicates that you claim ownership of the Trademark and intend to use it in the market. Once your e register trademark, you can use the ® symbol.

In India, various types of marks can be registered as Trademarks for your business, including names, numerals, letters, shapes of goods, slogans, signatures, and devices.

A unique Trademark should be distinctive to the customers, not copied from existing Trademarks of other companies, and easy to understand and remember.

Trademark registration is a crucial decision that can drive your business’s growth. The application process for Trademark registration can be complex and stressful if not done correctly. JustStart offers legal experts’ assistance to simplify the process and ensure a hassle-free experience for you. Our team will handle all the hard work, and you can rest assured that your Trademark registration process is in good hands.

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