Company Registration For Online Sellers – An Overview

Should Online Sellers Get Their Company Registered

Yes, if online sellers get their company registered, it will create more trust and be more beneficial to work in the long run in the market.

In this new era, the internet will reach every part of the country. For online sellers, “e-commerce” is the process of selling goods and services online or transferring money to complete the sale.

As I explained to you with an example:

There are many platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Blinkit, etc., and these businesses also need opportunities to bring their products to an online website to expand or reach a global audience.

All you need to know is:

Is getting Company Registration for online sellers necessary?

Let’s discuss this in this blog 

Yes, in today’s era, online sellers have to get their company registered. As online shopping is a great way to get things easily at home by just paying to trustworthy websites, to gain trust, you should require your company to get it registered.

Buying things online saves us time and energy by not going here and there. Online business is hassle-free these days in India.

Online shopping today is the most customer-centric market for a seller. With just a click on the professional’s website, you can get your online business registered.

Do You Ever Wish to Get Your Online Business Registration in India?

If the answer is yes, then why wait? Just follow the steps and get your online business registration.

For doing any online business, either you must have registered for a sole proprietorship firm, or an LLP registration, but the most suitable form of business entity is a sole proprietorship registration for beginners. Online sellers, they can just get their firm registered as a sole proprietorship and start selling online.

Why Is It Necessary to Get Your Online Selling Business Registered?

If you are new in the market, online sellers can get GST registration for sole proprietorships as they indulge in the business of selling goods online in the marketplace.

Firstly, understand what a sole proprietorship is and its registration process.

A sole proprietorship is a solely owned business that is run by an individual in its own way. He or she is the legaregister your company or online businessl owner of the business and is accountable for all the finances of that business.

Open a current account in the name of your web business so that all the payments will be made in this account. By integrating your site with the online gateway, will ensure that it is a legal entity.

Furthermore, you can also get your brand name registered, which means trademark registration. A trademark is an intellectual property right that includes a logo, design, word, or phrase that identifies your goods or services and distinguishes them from other registered brand names or designs. It builds trust and recognition in the market against the competitors.

Why do online startups require registrations?

Online businesses require legal registrations in the following ways:

Legal proof for the payment gateway:

As companies register themselves with payment gateway companies like Razorpay, PayPal, etc. to reduce the risk of defrauding. As providing facilities like the use of debit cards, credit cards, card wallets, UPI, etc. by the customers.

Opening a bank account:

Opening a bank account is a must as the invoice will be made in the company name, which is also legal proof for the business entity.

Trust building and protecting personal assets:

If the company is registered, then customers will attract and trust it. If you register your brand name, it will create more credibility and professionalism among clients.

What are the different licenses required for a sole proprietor?

GST Registration

 For sole proprietorship registration, you will need the following documents:

  1. Pan card of the proprietor
  2. Photo of the proprietor
  3. Aadhar card of the proprietor
  4. Trade name, if any
  5. Business address proof like an electricity bill, telephone bill, water bill, or landline bill
  6. If the business address proof is not in the name of the owner, then the NOC will be required. Noc means non-objectionable certificate.
  7. If you have a rent agreement, then it is required.
  8. Email ID and contact number of the proprietor.

The time taken to get GST registration is 7–10 working days if all the documents are provided on time.

Trademark Registration

Besides legal registration, a trademark is also necessary if you want to make your brand name unique and gain trust in the market. It will protect your brand from other brand names that are registered. Registering with the brand name means protecting your image; nobody will copy it.

A trademark is a word, logo, design, numeric word, etc. that gives its owner a legal right to use it without infringement. It is an asset for the owner. A registered trademark can be sold, assigned, or commercially contracted to bring benefits to the sole proprietor or a company.

What documents are required for trademark registration?

Following is the list of documents required for getting the trademark registered:


The name of the brand or logo is required to register the trademark.

Proof of Applicant

Address proof like an Aadhar card or Pan card in the case of an individual

Certificate of Incorporation in the case of a company

Email ID and contact number of the applicant.

MSME Certificate

in the case of a company to avail of a 50% rebate on the government fees.

Process for trademark registration in India

Trademark registration is an online process where you just submit the required list of documents, and our legal experts will prepare the prescribed form and submit it to the department while you pay the government fees.

Time taken Approximately 6-9 months for trademark registration if the registrar finds everything in order and no objections are raised.

1. Professional Tax Registration:

In some states, there is professional tax certificate registration if you have employees in your business. That tax will have to be paid to the respective state government.

2. Importer-Exporter Code Registration

There is IEC registration mandatory for those companies that are involved in the importing and exporting of goods and services.

3. Health Licence 

Companies that sell medicines and other medical-related equipment need to get a health licence. The Central Drug Standard Control Organisation issues the drug licence, which abides by all the rules and regulations related to health and safety laws.


To sum up, online sellers also get their company registered, as there are various licences required depending on the nature, industry, and location. We at JustStart, a team of professionals, can help you register your company or online business, as we know all the processes and requirements. We are always here to assist you.

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