Logo Trademark Registration: How to Register Logo In India?

Logo Trademark Registration How to Register Logo In India

Logo Registration is important for a business as it showcases your unique identity. It is an asset in itself and provides legal protection for your brand’s identity. 

Logo Trademark registration provides the right to sue others who are copying your logo and prevent others from using a similar trademark registered by you in India. 

What Is a Logo Registration in India?

Logo registration in India is a procedure where an image, word, logo, symbol, or phrase, receives the status of a registered Trademark.

Registering a logo takes a little effort, but when it is registered, it gives you the ability to establish your rights over the logo registration In India.

Is It Necessary To Register A Company Logo?

Yes, it is necessary to register a company Logo because it gives recognition to the quality of the products and services that your company offers, which builds trust among customers.

By registering a company logo, increases customer confidence and recognition in the market, which invites new customers to the business. 

How To Make Logo Registration In India

Logo registration in India can protect your business brand and is a popular option for business visionaries. 

It is a guarantee of quality. It aids in the sale of goods or services.

To register a logo, you need to 

  • Create a unique Logo.
  • Search for the logo according to your products or services.
  • Prepare an application for logo registration.
  • Submission of the application with any zonal trademark office of the country.
  • Wait for the application to be published in the trademark journal.
  • If any objection is raised, then file a reply to the objection raised.
  • If any opposition is raised, then attend the show cause hearing
  • Obtain the trademark registration certificate.

What Are the Benefits of Logo Trademark Registration?

Logo Trademark Registration in India is a simplified process as it requires you to submit all the documents and pay the requisite fees to the professionals, who will, on your part, submit the application and save your quality time as it has numerous benefits.

There are many benefits to trademark registration, which are described below:

  1. Brand protection: Trademark registration protects your brand identity, preventing others from using your logo.
  2. Brand Reputation: By registering your brand, it will give your business brand value so that no one can use it without your permission. Adding value to your business 
  3. Legal recognition: As you register your trademark, you can legally challenge, if someone tries to steal your brand. 
  4. Protection for 10 years: Once a trademark is registered, it is valid for 10 years; after that, it will be renewed. It means registration helps you protect your logo for 10 years in a very cost effective manner.
  5. Attracts customers: Customers generally choose brands which are registered trademarks as it creates a positive image of the brand, their quality, and their source.

These are the various benefits of logo registration, which help in business growth and in gaining more customers. 

Logo Trademark Registration Process Online

Logo Trademark registration is an online process. Before beginning the trademark registration process online, it is necessary for the applicant/professionals or professional to conduct a trademark search so it will not be similar to the existing one.

The online procedure for logo Trademark registration involves the following steps:

  1. Search for the brand name: Choosing a different and unique brand name is a sensible choice, as most brand names are already registered with someone. 

Choose a logo that is not similar to any existing trademark and develop a distinctive brand name by inventing some phrases and combos so that it will be a unique name.

  • Putting up a trademark application: Arrange the documents for online trademark application:
  • Business Registration Evidence: It is based on the type of business, like sole proprietorship, company, etc. You must produce identification and address proof of the proprietor, and in case of a company, the address evidence of the company.
  • Email ID and contact number 
  • A power of attorney must be signed by the applicant (vakalatnama)

1. Submitting the application to the Registrar: Applications have to be filed in Form TM-A. After submitting the application online, you will immediately receive a TM acknowledgement receipt on the government website.

2. Examination by the Registrar: Once the application is submitted, the registrar of Trademarks will examine the application.

3. Publication of your Trademark: If there is no objection raised by the registry, the registrar of the trademarks will accept and publish the brand name in the Indian Trademark Journal. Within 4 months from the date of publication in the journal, any third party can oppose the application regarding the similarities in the name; if within that stipulated time no opposition is filed, then the registrar of trademarks will issue the Trademark registration certificate.

4. Opposition to a Trademark: Suppose a third party files an objection within the stipulated time period. The registrar of trademarks will provide you with a copy of the opposition notice. You must respond within 2 months by filing a counter-statement. If the counter-statement is not submitted within the stipulated time period, the trademark application will be regarded as abandoned and refused. 

5. Issuance of a trademark registration certificate: Suppose there is no opposition in your case, then the trademark registrar will issue a registration certificate.

Right from the start, you can use the trademark symbol (™) beside your brand name and register symbol ®  after getting the certificate of Trademark registration.

How Do I Verify My Logo?

To verify the logo, one has to do a class search on the official website of the government, then conduct a name search on its official website.

If the logo is registered, it will appear on the trademark website.

What Needs To Be Taken Care Of Before Logo Registration?

Before logo registration, one needs to take care of the following steps:

  1. You must ensure that the logo you provide has a distinctive identity. It is not similar to the existing trademark registered.
  2. Choose a colored logo, black logo, or white logo to distinguish your logo
  3. Verify your availability for the name.

So these are the various needs that need to be taken care of before Logo Registration.

What Is The Cost Of Logo Registration?

A trademark application goes through a number of steps in the Registration process.  The costs of Logo registration for individuals and companies are:

Form TM-A is filed along with the requisite fee through e-filing.

Cost of logo registration For Individuals:

For individuals: The government fee is Rs. 4,500/- only

For companies: The government fee is Rs 9,000/- only 

Note* If the company has an MSME certificate, the fee will be 50%, i.e. 4,500/-

The government fee is a one time payment, provided the trademark has been filed correctly. There is no yearly renewal, and it is valid for 10 years.

Checklist Before and After  Logo Trademark Registration

Applying for a trademark can be a tedious task, but with proper planning, it can be a relatively smooth process. 

Here is a brief checklist for the things you do before and after logo registration when you apply for a trademark:

Before Logo trademark registration, you should do the following things:

  • Do research to ensure your logo is unique
  • Choose a distinctive mark so that it will not be similar to the existing logo.
  •  Choose different designs for your logo 
  • Professionals at JustStart can help you to check your logo.

After Logo trademark registration, do the following things.

  • Monitor your mark so that no one uses it without your permission
  • Enforce your rights if you find someone using your mark without your authorization.
  • Renew your logo every 10 years.

Conclusion For Logo Trademark Registration

Logo trademark registration is not a legal obligation, but it is strongly advised to get it registered because it can protect you from competitors who could claim ownership of your visual identity.

Why wait? Contact JustStart, as it is highly recommended to consult professionals to monitor your rights and protect your logo by registering with them.


How Do I Register A Brand Name In India?

To Register a brand name in India, 

  • Visit the official website of the trademark office portal, then conduct a brand name search.
  • After brand name search, file an TM application online or offline with the required fees and documents. 
  • Wait for the examination report by the trademark registrar.
  • Attend a show cause hearing if any oppositions are raised.
  • Wait for publication in the Indian trademark journal if there are no objections raised.
  • Wait for the issuance of the registration certificate.

Can We Register The Logo Online?

Yes, we can register the Logo online by filling out an application in the form TM-A with the required documents and requisite fees on the trademark’s official website.

How To Register Business Logo Design

To register a business Logo design, follow the steps:

  • Choose a different logo.
  • Create a description of the products/ services that your mark represents.
  • Prepare an application 
  • Submit an application with the requisite fees and documents.
  • Await the outcome.
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