What Happens If You Don’t Register Your Trademark

What Happens If You not Choose to Register Your Trademark

Do you ever wonder about the consequences of not registering your trademark? Does it affect your business or not? Curious about its impact? Look no further. If you want to know the answer to such questions, get into this blog.

By the end, you will discover whether the trademark registration is just a choice or a crucial step towards the success of your brand.

So, without any further ado, let’s delve into this blog:‍

Problems in Building Credibility

Not having a registered trademark makes it challenging to build credibility among your audience. Whereas if you have online trademark registration in India, it signals to your audience that you are serious about your brand. It can positively influence your brand reputation and create trust among your audience and over time it will generate Goodwill which will be unparalleled for business growth.

Weaker Position in Legal Battles

If you ever enter into a legal dispute due to trademark infringement issues, then not having trademark registration might invite adverse outcomes. Because a person with a registered trademark has the privilege to confront powerfully. It acts as solid evidence of ownership and can deter potential infringers. 

Limited Geographic Protection

Trademark rights are typically limited to specific geographic regions. If you don’t register your trademark, it might not be protected outside the particular area where you’re using the mark. Therefore, it is essential to register your trademark if you plan to expand your business nationally or internationally.

Get Accused of Trademark Infringement

Being accused of trademark infringement can be a business owner’s worst nightmare. Receiving a cease and desist letter is distressing, and the prospect of going to court is even more daunting.

If you do not get your trademark registration in India done, you do not have the legal proof of ownership of your trademark. That means you own no rights to use your trademark. Therefore, you become prone to infringement cases filed by companies exercising control over your unregistered trademark.

Limited Brand Value

Having a registered trademark is a valuable asset that can be appreciated over time – as your brand grows. In the future, if you ever decide to sell your brand, your registered trademark can enhance its overall value, and you get a lucrative price for your brand.

Lost Franchising and Licensing Opportunities

If you decide not to register your trademark, that straightaway means you lose the opportunity of doing franchising and licensing agreements with the 3rd party, in simple words further assignment of trademark use by another person can be done only when you have a registered trademark under your business portfolio. 

This is because when you have a registered trademark, it indicates that your business is reliable, legal, and authentic; these are necessary for building trust in partnerships, collaborations, and other agreements. Without this credibility feature, anyone may hesitate to tie knots with your business, and you wash off your hands from lucrative collaboration opportunities.

Entangled in Legal Battles

To knock down those who have copied your trademark, you have to move to court. This step drastically reduces your company’s financial resources. It wastes a lot of time, resources, and funds of your business to establish the trademark’s authenticity. Of course, you would want to keep your business away from such costly and unhealthy legal affairs. That’s why registering your trademark is mandatory.

Damaged Business Reputation

Moving to court to fight for your trademark rights is the right thing to do, but not for your business’s reputation. Do you know why? Because your audience is unaware of the truth – your “move to the court” might negatively impact your brand’s reputation in their minds.

They would doubt whether your business is trustworthy or not. The worst would be that you lose your valuable customers or clients due to entering into these legal affairs. So it would be best if you got your trademark registered early to avoid facing such scenarios.

In A Nutshell

Not registering your trademark can cause problems on the road to the success of your business. That’s why, to build a credible brand that is widely trusted by the audience, you must choose to register your trademark. The best part is it helps you expand your business beyond the limited jurisdiction and explore the market overseas.

To ensure a smooth and transparent trademark registration process of your trademark, you may take the assistance of experts at JustStart.

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