Private Limited Company Registration in Uttar Pradesh

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Private Limited Company Registration in Uttar Pradesh

Welcome to JustStart, your trusted partner to make private limited company registration in Uttar Pradesh effortless. We help you escape that hefty paperwork and entangling rules and regulations. Our teams of experts assist you at each and every step to ease your burden of registration of Pvt Ltd Company in Uttar Pradesh. Get the necessary guidance and support from JustStart’s experts in every small and significant matter of online company registration in Uttar Pradesh. We are not just any random agency, but your reliable source who always has your back throughout the whole process of applying for online company registration in Uttar Pradesh.

PVT LTD Company Registration in UP: Your Gateway to Legal Recognition

Pvt Ltd (Private Limited) Company Registration in UP is a necessary step that you must take to give your business a separate and legal identity of its own. Beyond giving a legal identity, registration of your private limited company in Uttar Pradesh lets you enjoy limited liability as a business owner. Registration of Pvt Ltd company in Uttar Pradesh is vital for long-term success and growth. With our assistance, you can have it done easily and smoothly.

PVT LTD Company Types in UP

Talking about the types of private limited companies, you find two main types: limited by shares or by guarantee. Whichever type it may be, both are registered under the Companies Act 2013, which informs the rules and regulations for all types of companies in India.

The two main types of Pvt Ltd Company are described as below: 

  • Limited by Shares: In this type, you, being the owner of your company, have a limited liability, which means you are responsible up to the amount of paid-up share capital, also covering any unpaid amounts. This means that in the adverse event of your company facing losses, you and your partners are responsible for only the unpaid amounts on your respective shares.
  • Limited by Guarantee: This company setup is for organizations like sports clubs and cooperative societies that operate on the goal of ‘not-for-profit’ or ‘charity’. Whatever profits are made by such organizations are reinvested for the greater good. The liability you have in this company type is determined at the time of incorporation, and it never exceeds that limit.

Pvt Ltd (Private Limited) Company Registration Process in Uttar Pradesh

For private limited company registration in UP, follow the below-mentioned process discussed in detail:

Step 1: Obtain a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).

The first step is to get a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate), which is a basic requirement for private limited company incorporation online in UP. You may obtain a DSC form from government-recognized certifying authorities or online in just two days.

To obtain a DSC to register your private limited company in Uttar Pradesh, you will need to pass three types of verifications: document, video, and phone verification. The applicable charges for obtaining a DSC usually vary, as it depends on the certifying authority.

 Step 2: Get Name Approval

Next, you need to get name approval. For that, go to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ RUN portal, which is part of SPICe+Form. Take advantage of the various tools available to search for unique business names that have not been taken yet for private limited companies. Furthermore, keep in mind to define the company’s object clause and industrial activity code while submitting the application for a name.

 Step 3: Fill out the SPICe Form (INC-32).

Once you receive approval for your private company’s name, start by filing the details in the SPICe+ Form for company registration. It needs you to:

  • Finalize company details.
  • Share member and subscriber details.
  • Apply for a Director Identification Number (DIN).
  • Apply for PAN and TAN.
  • Directors and Subscribers Declaration
  • Professional Declaration and Certification

Step 4: File MOA and AOA

SPICe e-MoA and e-AoA are two essential forms that you must draft while applying for registration of Private Limited Company in Uttar Pradesh. These documents clarify the internal workings and management of the company. MoA (Memorandum of Association) is defined under Section 2(56) and AoA (Articles of Association) under Section 2(5) of the Companies Act, 2013.

Step 5: Issuance of a Certificate of Incorporation

When it comes to approving the registration of private limited companies in UP, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is the primary agency responsible for doing so. The MCA issues a Certificate of Incorporation if the form is accurately completed and submitted with all required paperwork. Upon approval, you will receive a corporate identity number (CIN), which you may track through the MCA portal.

Essential Documents for Pvt. Ltd. Company Registration in UP

For PVT LTD Company Registration in Uttar Pradesh, you are required to gather the following documents:

Documents of All Directors and Shareholders of the Company

  • Identity Proof: Aadhar Card, Driving License, or Passport
  • PAN Card or DIN (Directors Identification Numbers)
  • Email Address and Mobile Number
  • Utility bills (which may include a water bill, an electricity bill, a broadband bill, etc.)
  • The latest bank statements (up to the past two months) are acceptable.


Address Proof of Registered Office

  • Latest utility bill (electricity/mobile/broadband bill)
  • Sale deed of the property if owned
  • Rent or lease papers if rented
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner of the property if rented  


You can use a residential address in lieu of a commercial one if your company does not own any premises, because it is permitted for PVT LTD Company Registration in Uttar Pradesh.

Documents Issued After PVT LTD Company Registration in Uttar Pradesh

Following the completion of the procedure for registration of Private private limited company in Uttar Pradesh, you will receive the following document:

  • Incorporate Certificate
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • PAN of the Company
  • TAN of the Company
  • Articles of Association (AoA)
  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Company Master Data
  • Director Identification Number (DIN)


Private Limited Company Registration Fees in Uttar Pradesh

The total amount for PVT LTD company registration in Uttar Pradesh, which includes professional and government costs, is ₹8,899.

Benefits of Pvt. Ltd. Registration in UP

Perpetual Existence: Private limited companies have their own independent identity, which lets them continue indefinitely without being affected by a change in ownership or owners. It benefits attracting clients, grabbing contracts, and fostering trustable relationships.

Tax Advantages: After registering your business as a private limited company in Uttar Pradesh, you get the benefits of reduced tax rates, deductions, and lucrative exemptions provided to private limited organizations. With these tax advantages, the tax burden reduces significantly.

Separate Legal Entity: Since there is a clear distinction made between private limited companies and their owners, no matter what happens to the owners or ownership structure, the company goes on forever, unaffected by any alterations.

Limited Liability: With PVT LTD Company Registration in Uttar Pradesh, you get the advantage of enjoying a limited liability. This limited liability saves your assets from being employed in paying off the loans/debts of your company in case of financial crisis or legal disputes.

Access to Funding: When you register your private limited company in India, it gets easy to grab funding because financial investors are always interested in putting their money into companies that have a limited liability feature and a clear ownership structure.


Time Required for Pvt. Ltd. Company – Incorporation in UP

Usually, a PVT LTD company registration in Uttar Pradesh takes around 7–10 working days. The process of verifying documents and obtaining approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs took this much time.

Why Choose JustStart?

JustStart makes PVT LTD company registration in Uttar Pradesh seamless, ensuring your journey as an entrepreneur becomes a little easier. Explore some of the key features of our registration process for private companies in UP that make us your best choice to go with:

  • Expert Guidance: Professional assistance at every stage.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Charge nominal fees for registration.
  • Time Efficiency: Guarantee a simple and quick registration process.
  • Transparent Process: Ensure an open and transparent process.
  • Customer Support: Provide kind and helpful customer support.
  • Proven Track Record: Choice of many successful companies


If you are willing to make the registration of your private limited company in Uttar Pradesh easy and quick, then reach out to JustStart. We commit to providing the necessary assistance at every step of registration. Our motto is to keep the worries and boredom of the registration of a private limited company in Uttar Pradesh away from you so that you can invest your time and energy in more important affairs of your company. So, stop waiting anymore and reach out to JustStart today for your Pvt Ltd Company Registration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

JustStart assists you the best in the entangling process of private limited company registration in Uttar Pradesh. You get expert guidance at cost-effective prices and a transparent and time-efficient registration process. Get in touch with our experts to learn everything about our working process and subscribe to our private limited company registration service.

Yes, you can choose not to register your business as a private limited company in Uttar Pradesh, as it is completely your choice. However, to relish the perks such as limited liability, tax advantages, perpetual existence, and easy access to funding, you must register your company. It directly and indirectly helps you scale your business operations.

Directors and shareholders need to provide their identity proof (Aadhar Card, Driving License, or Passport), PAN Card or DIN, email address, mobile number, utility bills, and the latest bank statements (up to the past two months).

No, private limited company registration in Uttar Pradesh is not a lengthy process, especially when you choose to register your private limited company online with JustStart. With our assistance, registration becomes a seamless and efficient experience, taking approximately 7–10 working days.


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