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    Your Private Limited Company Registration Online

    As per Section 2 (68) under the Companies Act 2013, a private limited company is a small firm or corporation that is privately held by a limited number of investors, owners, or shareholders. These companies are easily identifiable as the firms are required to use “Private Limited” as an affix after the corporation’s name.

    Private enterprises can be large or tiny, but they are typically modest businesses owned by family, friends, or investors

    Features of a Private Limited Company

    Private limited is the most basic and often used form of business entity. As of January 2022, there were over 1.43 million companies registered as private limited in India. One of the reasons behind this boom is the ease of raising equity financing in private limited companies and online private limited registration.

    Other features of private limited companies are as follows:

    • Members: A private limited company can be formed with as few as two shareholders or as many as 200.
    • Each shareholder in a private limited company has limited liabilities—meaning if a corporation suffers any financial loss, the shareholders are required to pay back only the amount that they invested in the company.
    • Share transferability: private limited companies allow easy and free transfer of shares between shareholders.
    • Business Continuity: In private limited companies, corporations continue to exist in the eyes of the law even if one of their members dies, becomes insolvent, or files for bankruptcy. As a result, the company will continue to exist in perpetuity.
    • No mandatory obligations: Private limited company owners have no mandatory obligations to index the number of company members.
    • Paid-up capital: private limited companies do not require any minimum capital to get started.
    • FDI: Allows foreign direct investment.
    • Name: All private firms must include the phrase “private limited” after their name.

    Why Register a Private Limited Company In India?

    Business Continuity

    The existence of a private limited company is not subject to the death of its members and shareholders.

    Limited Liability

    Shareholders have limited debt responsibilities in case a business suffers huge losses.

    Tax Savings

    Private limited companies welcome considerable tax savings as they have lower corporate tax rates to pay.

    More Business Opportunities

    Company owners experience pools of opportunities because they are not tied to promoters for growth prospects. They can expand by merging with other firms.

    Simple Fundraising

    Because private limited companies are governed by strict laws, they are eligible for quick and easy funding.

    Convenient Owner Transferability

    Shares and interests in private limited companies are considered to be movable properties. Thus, they can be transferred easily.

    Global Business

    Private limited companies have access to foreign investment in most of the sectors without needing government approval.

    How To Register a Private Limited Company?

    Private limited is the most basic and often used form of business entity. As of January 2022, there were over 1.43 million companies registered as private limited in India. One of the reasons behind this boom is the ease of raising equity financing in private limited companies and online private limited registration.

    Step 1: Obtaining a DIN: The applicants must apply for both: a Director’s Identification Number and a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. These serve as an online signature used to complete the further application process.

    Step 2: Obtaining the MOA and the AOA: Drafting a Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Associateship (AOA) is another crucial step in getting your private limited company registered. While MOA sets out the company’s structural constitution, AOA lays out the principles on which the private limited company will operate.

    Step 3: Completing necessary forms: Registration aspirants are then required to fill out, scan, and upload the following documents:

    • SPICe Part b, SPICe MOA, SPICe AOA, Agile Pro, INC. 9.

    Step 4: Incorporation Certificate: In roughly 5-7 days a private limited company can formally begin operating after it receives its Certificate of Incorporation (COI) Corporate Identity Number (CIN) number.Pvt Ltd PAN and TAN are issued along with COI.

    Step 5: Opening a bank account: Following above, they can also open a company’s official bank account.

    Minimum Documents Required

    PAN Card

    (both shareholders and directors).

    Passport Size Photos

    (Latest photos of the Directors/Shareholders)

    Rent Contract

    (If Rented)


    (From the Owner)

    Business Address Proof

    (Latest electricity bill or telephone bill of the registered office)

    Identity Proof

    For Directors/Shareholders Identity Proof-aadhar card/voter id/passport/Driving Licence

    Residential Proof

    For Directors/Shareholders Resident Proof-Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill

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    A private limited company is a business entity privately owned by shareholders and its shares cannot be traded on a stock exchange 

    Under the Companies Act 2013, a few minimum requirements to establish a private limited company are as follows:

    • Shareholders can range from two to 200.
    • One of the director must be a citizen of India with permanent residency.
    • Address proof, identity proof, PAN card, DIN, DSC of all directors
    • Company name: It is mandatory to have a company name that is unique, indicates the activity that will be carried out by the company, and mentions “private limited” at the end.

    Not necessarily. The process of obtaining company certificates and completing the registration application is completely online and does not require the applicants to be present. In most cases, individuals hire experienced Private Limited Company Registration Consultancy in India to complete the documentation on their behalf to avoid any obstacles. 

    Private limited registration consultants lay out a clear plan on the applicants’ behalf so the process is not delayed and you can focus on growing your business instead of wasting time on preparing piles of paperwork.

    Yes. A company’s name can get rejected if it already exists or matches another registered trademark or another pvt ltd name. Ensure that all these names do not have any close resemblance to other registered pvt ltd business entities.

    Yes. MCA offers the facility for electronic submission of documents for the ease of applicants and to obtain the certificate. However, the certificate issuance may take up to a week to process. 

    Like any other risk involved in business, private limited companies do have certain restrictions. For example, private limited companies do not allow share transferability freely on a stock exchange. Also, the registration is a tedious process that can take a long time if not done by experienced and reliable online consultancy service . 


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