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Kickstart your business hassle-free by getting it registered without having to spend a hefty amount of funds for an office space. JustStart’s team will help you get your business’s GST and Business registration done with a Virtual Office address in India.

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    What is A Virtual Office?

    We all know that the business and corporate world is significantly inclining towards the online mode of operations since the past few years. This sudden change is a great advantage as acquiring an office space in current times can be really tough due to the rising rental and property rates. But at the same time, it is crucial for a business to have an official address to get the business registered. To solve this dilemma, Virtual Offices came into existence. Virtual offices serve the purpose of having an office without actually having one. It usually costs only a fraction of what an actual office cost, which makes it extremely cost-effective. 

    Documents Required for A Virtual Office?

    Now that we know what a Virtual Office is, let’s have a look at the documents required to get your Virtual Office address to help you get your business registered. To get your Virtual office address in India, you will be required to present the following documents:- 

    • ID proof of the Directors/Partners.
    • Address proof of the Directors/Partners.
    • Photographs of the Directors/Partners.
    • Certificate of Incorporation. 

    These were the documents and details required from you to initiate the process of acquiring a Virtual Office address in India

    Importance Of Virtual Office

    Getting a Virtual Office address registered can highly benefit your business and help it grow immensely without any hindrances. This new concept of Virtual Office in India, has highly benefited countless businesses and yours can be the next. Following are the benefits of the Virtual Office registration. 

    • Official Address:- Virtual Office registration allows your business to have an office address at prime locations. You can use premium locations for your business or GST registration. 
    • Cost-Effective:- A Virtual Office is the most cost-effective solution for getting your business registered with an office address while not having to bear the expenses of an office space. You can avail these benefits without having to pay the expenses of a regular office space. 
    • Easier Business Registration:- Having a Virtual office makes it easier for you to get your business or GST registration done without any obstructions.
    • Increase In Productivity:- A Virtual Office has proven to be highly beneficial for businesses. No commuting time and a stress free work environment of an employee’s own choice increases their productivity greatly.

    Process for Obtaining A Virtual Office Address in India With JustStart

    If you wish to get your business registered, you will have to get a Virtual Office address first. JustStart offers Virtual Office Address acquiring services to help your business function smoothly while following all the legal requirements. Through our Virtual Office address acquiring process, you will receive your Virtual Office’s address in no time. To let JustStart elevate your business, you must complete the process by following the steps mentioned below:- 

    • Drop an Inquiry:- Drop an inquiry to let our team know that you are interested in acquiring a Virtual Office address for your business. Dropping an inquiry helps our team reach out to you easily.
    • Fill a Simple Checklist:- Fill a series of questions that will help us determine the nature of your business and your specific requirements from our legal experts.
    • Tell Us Your Requirements:- Once you fill the checklist, share your ideas and requirements with us.
    • Find a Virtual Office:- We will help you find a Virtual Office address that suits your requirements. Once you pick a Virtual Office from the options we provide you, we will help you acquire the address. 
    • Handover The Documents:- To let us help you through our services, you will be required to handover your documents to us.

    Why JustStart for Virtual Office Address?

    One of the reasons why we have grown incredibly in a very short time is our credible assistance to our clients. We strive to help our clients’ businesses grow immensely through our legal and technical expertise. Our team of expert legal and tax consultants with a great amount of experience helps businesses fulfill the legal and tax requirements required by the government and function smoothly. 


    • Dynamic Legal Solutions:- JustStart offers over-the-top legal solutions to help your business grow greatly while conforming to all the legal requirements laid out by the government.
    • Legal Experts:- Our team is full of experienced Legal Experts ready to assist our clients consistently. Our experts have helped countless businesses function smoothly with the help of their legal guidance. 
    • Maintenance:- Once you pick JustStart for your business, we will help you follow all the legal requirements to run a business without any obstructions. Our maintenance services will ensure that your business and its legal affairs are in order.
    • Client Satisfaction:- Once you trust our experts with your business, you will not have to worry about your business ever again.

    Clear Your Doubts With JustStart

    Virtual Office is a cost-effective way to help businesses get their business registered without being burdened by the high maintenance charges and cost of an actual office. Any Business or Brand can use a Virtual Office. 

    We help businesses grow through our effective legal solutions across India. You can acquire an official Virtual Office address across the country through our help.

    Absolutely! You can use the Virtual Office address for the GST registration process of your business.

    You will be required to have the Address Proof, Agreement, and NOC from the legal owner of the property, to get your business’s GST registration.

    The duration of the process depends upon your requirements. The most time consuming task in the whole process is to find an ideal office address in your preferred location. We will be able to give you a timeline, once we get to understand your requirements.

    If you still have doubts regarding the process of acquiring a Virtual Office for company registration in India, reach out to our legal consultants. Our experts will walk you through the process and clear all your doubts effectively.


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