Types of Trademark Registration in India

Trademark Registration in India

A trademark is one of the most crucial things that are responsible for increasing the credibility of your business and safeguarding your products’ rights. A trademark can be a unique name, slogan, logo, or a tagline. Without a trademark, the target consumer will not be able to tell whether your business is credible or not. Trademark helps in elevating your brand’s identity and making your business stand out from the competition. Whether you take the example of Audi or BMW’s logos, or the brand name “Maggi”, all of these fall under the category of trademarks that helps brands connect with the audience. Let’s try to understand the concept of trademarks and the types of trademark registration in India

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is an identifiable name, logo, tagline, and or slogan that helps a brand stand out from the competition. Not only does a trademark distinguish a brand from other businesses, it also sets the products or services apart from the competition as well. If you have a unique product or service that you are offering to your target consumer, it is better to get a trademark registered through a trademark online registration process to protect your logo or name from getting copied or used by any other business for their own advantage. Besides these advantages, a trademark also adds on to the goodwill of a business. 

Importance of a Trademark for a Business?

A trademark is important for the consistent growth of any business. We have already mentioned a handful of reasons that reflect the significance of a trademark above, but let’s dive into its importance deeply and try to have a better understanding of it. 

  • Brand Individuality:- Amid thousands of similar businesses like yours, a trademark adds a significant amount of credibility to your business. It makes your brand and product or services stand out from the rest. 
  • Recognition:- A trademark acts as a symbol of your business’s identity. Whether it is a logo or a slogan, a trademark holds the power of making people remember your brand. It helps people recognize your brand easily without having to think too much. 
  • Protection:- Just like copyright, a trademark is responsible for protecting your brand’s name or logo from getting misused by others for their own advantage. Once you have registered your trademark, no one can use your brand name or logo without your permission. 
  • Never-Ending Longevity:- Once you get a trademark registered, it will last forever. The registration will be renewed every ten years, but the brand identity will consistently grow forever. 

These were a few reasons why trademark registration in India is crucial for you to enhance your business. Getting your trademark registered is a huge step towards the growth of your company and a wise choice in an effort to protect your business or product from unwanted misuse. 

Types Of Trademarks in India

Now that you must have understood what a trademark is and how crucial getting it registered is for any company to grow and climb the ladder of success, let’s try to understand how many different types of trademarks are actually there which you should be familiar with. However, it is important to note that no matter how many types of trademarks exist, their purpose is the same: to help the consumer identify products or services coming from a certain service provider or a product manufacturer. 

  • Product Mark

This type of trademark is used for a good or a product instead of service. Product mark is used to help the consumer recognize its manufacturer. It greatly helps in enhancing the brand value of any business.

  • Service Mark

Service marks are used to help consumers recognize the service provider. This type of mark is used only on services instead of products. This trademark helps in building the credibility of any service provider and helps them stand out. 

  • Collective Mark

Every product or service is unique in itself. Collective mark helps in informing people about certain unique features of a product or service. This can be used by a group of individuals to protect goods and services collectively. The group of individuals can be an association or a Section 8 Company.

  • Certification Mark

Certificate marks are one of the most important trademarks. The mark is used for purpose: to elevate the product’s credibility among the consumers by depicting that the product has gone through a series of standard checks. 

  • Shape Mark

Another interesting type of mark is the shape mark. This trademark is used to safeguard the shape of the product and protect it from getting copied by any other business. If your product is found to have a unique shape, it can be registered. 

  • Pattern Mark

Same as the shape mark, if your product has distinguished patterns that are unique, it can be registered. 

  • Sound Mark

The trademark concept is not just confined to products and services, they are also used to protect sounds from getting copied too. For instance, the IPL tune has been very popular among the cricket fans, and it is registered with the Sound Trademark.

These were the types of trademarks in India that are responsible for safeguarding business, products, and services and elevating the growth of companies. 

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Process Of Trademark Registration?

Now that you have a greater understanding of trademarks and how crucial they are for any business’s growth, you must be wondering how they are actually registered?

Well, trademark registration is carried out online in India with a hassle-free and quick process. Online trademark registration is highly popular and offers efficiency. The trademark registration online process consists of four steps. 

Step 1:- Trademark search

Step 2:- Preparing your application

Step 3:- Submitting the application 

Step 4:- Government processing

Once these four steps have been completed, your trademark is registered successfully. let JustStart’s expert legal consultants help you with your trademark’s online registration process. JustStart offers over-the-top legal solutions to help your business run smoothly.

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