A Complete Process of Trademark Renewal Online India

A Complete Process of Trademark Renewal Online India

A trademark is legal intellectual property. It is basically a unique name, tagline, logo, slogan, or sign of an individual, business, or organization. It is the identity of your business. A trademarks help to represent the products and services that any company has to offer in the market. It psychologically affects customers which makes high sales of a business’s services.

A trademark helps customers to differentiate products from any other fake companies. It also helps businesses to gain their potential customers. Trademark Act, 1999 came into use for better legal advisory and protection. But the government keeps on updating it and making new amendments as per the requirements in the economy of India.

Companies get exclusive beneficial rights from a trademark & its renewal to operate it for promotion and highly restrict everyone from further using it in their own name.

It gives ownership and also ensures that nobody can use any such deceptive name like your existing companies.

Benefits of a Trademark Registration in India

Original:- A trademark represents proof of originality. It is an asset for companies. It is very useful for customers as well as for sellers. It enhances the chance of business expansion.

Recognition:- Registration of a trademark protects your products and services and also gives high recognition in the market. It gets its own identity in the market.

Promotion:- Since you’ve got a trademark registered which shows the trust of the government bodies, customers are most likely to increase your sales.

Security:- Trademark registration ensures that nobody can snatch your registered ideas, slogan, name, logo, etc. Nobody gets the right to get benefits from your potential buyers.

Legal Protection:- If anyone steals your trademark registered company name or ideas, you attain all the rights to take legal actions against them.

As per the Trademark Act 1999, it is not mandatory in India to get it registered. But for attaining rights and beneficiaries over the market, you should definitely get the trademark registration done. The trademark registration process in India takes quite a long time to get all done but since it provides such benefits, it’s all worth it. Ensure adequate information about the products or services for which you want a trademark. Don’t apply for an already registered name, logo, label, slogan, etc. Otherwise, your application will be rejected.

A trademark for which an application is filed is symbolized as (™)

Likewise, Registered Trademark is symbolized as ®

Trademark Renewal Online in Only 3 Steps with JustStart


Filing of an Application– For the trademark renewal online, submit all the required and up-to-date documents and also pay the prescribed fees. You’ll have to pay additional late fees if you apply after the expiry date of the trademark renewal.

Verification by the Registrar– In the trademark renewal process, once the renewal application in the prescribed form i.e. TM-R is filed, the TM registrar will go through all your documents to check for protection. This process is done to be saved by the fraudsters. Meanwhile, we will keep on checking the status of your application. After verification, the registrar accepts it and moves to another process.
Certificate of Renewal– The registrar, on being satisfied with the application filed, will issue the certificate of renewal which will be valid for the next 10 years.

Keep These Things in Mind Before

Applying for a Trademark Renewal Online in India

Trademarks are allocated for the lifetime of the business. But its renewal has a validity of 10 years only, and you have to renew it after every 10 years of your existing established business. Trademark renewal is done because it protects the brand value of any individual, business, or organization.

Before applying for renewal of your existing trademark, check in properly if you wish to make changes to it before applying for it.

The charges for renewal of a trademark online are 9000 INR whereas its offline charges are 10000. So it benefits if you’re getting trademark renewal online.

It is a much better course of action to get the renewal before 6 months of the trademark expiration than to go through such a tiring and time taking process after its expiry. Schedule your trademark renewal date with the help of reminders. Under Section 25 (3) of the Trademark Act, the registrar owns the power of removal of your trademark. If you do not renew your trademark within a given time period, they have the right to remove it with no second thought.

Easy Process for the Renewal of a Trademark in India

For the renewal of an existing trademark, you have to apply it 6 months prior to the expiry date of the trademark. The trademark renewal process could be a tough process to go through if you miss the date of trademark renewal.

Make certain to provide all the correct and updated documents that are required for trademark renewal. Deceptive words, offensive terms, and hostile words are completely restricted from being used in the process of trademark renewal or you’ll be issued an objection from the registrar.

Application of Renewal after Expiration of the Renewal Date, Of course, Indian law allows you to apply for the renewal of your trademark even after missing the expiry date of trademark renewal. But you have to pay late fees plus the renewal fees altogether. What you need to keep in mind is that trademark renewal can be applied within 6 months of expiration only. After that, your trademark would be removed from the list and you would have to apply for trademark restoration.

Application for Registration of a Trademark

The Trademark Act, 1999, has given the benefit of applying for trademark restoration too but within the time period of 1 year from the registered expiry date. Or after that, the government body will abandon your trademark. And there is no further procedure for retaining it back. You may further apply for the trademark from the scratch and would get approved for the new trademark process.

Documents Required for the Online Renewal of a Trademark in India

  • A power of attorney for representation purpose
  • PAN card and proof of registered office address of the applicant
  • Copy of application (TM-A)
  • Trademark registration certificate (issued previously)

Modes of Trademark Renewal in India

  • Without modifications (as it is)
  • With modifications (make changes)

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